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Island Abbey Foods® provides a multitude of flexible and dynamic full contract manufacturing solutions for dietary supplement, natural health, and specialty food industries. We also offer an impressive lineup of bottling, and packaging capabilities for effective NPI and time-sensitive launch. We offer state-of-the-art starchless production capacities for solid and chewable food and health applications.

Natural bases include: honey, organic sugar, organic tapioca, sugar alcohols, and other 100% natural ingredients. Form factors of chewable confections include gummies, jellies, and chews in pectin base, and may be molded into any shape (i.e. flowers, honey bees, fruits, berries, cartoon characters, etc.)

Go-to-market fast with 100s of tested formulations



Island Abbey Foods® will not start the manufacturing process until a customer’s order is received. Once this occurs, we will access our extensive product pipeline through our established contracted supply chain partners. Additionally, we hold a full catalog of tested and qualified formulations ready for production, allowing for a streamlined NPI cycle & market launch. Obtaining only the highest quality all-natural raw ingredients expertly tailored to your specific product requirements, we will prepare the active and inactive constituents necessary to expertly formulate your desired product in-house.
Ingredient Supplier
Raw Materials
Customer Warehouse
Lead Time: 3 Months
We are committed to the highest quality standards in our state-of-the-art starchless GMP and NSF certified manufacturing facility. Our industry-leading professional production team is established in both food science and manufacturing industries respectively for a streamlined process with the highest quality output. Island Abbey Foods® facilitates a multitude of customized packaging capabilities for bottling and labeling in all standard and custom bottle sizes and shapes for nearly unlimited branding possibilities.
Planning Methodology: Push system based on master batch (lot) scheduling.
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