Island Abbey Foods® is a Health Canada and FDA licensed specialty food, natural health product, and medicated health product producer based in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada.

At Island Abbey Foods®, we have developed a proprietary platform technology that retains all the benefits of honey into a 100% pure, natural, solid honey. We call this honibe® Technology.

honibe® Technology came from more than 15 years of world class research and development through partnerships with the PEI Food Technology Centre (PEI FTC) and the National Research Centre Institute for Nutrisciences and Health (NRC INH).

Form factors for our honibe® Technology include any solid shape such as a cube, cylindrical, or lozenge.


We also have the worldwide patents for the first and only manufacturing method to formulate honey into a chewable gummy form.

We have developed a proprietary platform technology for taking all of the benefits of honey and infusing it into an all natural gummy made from honey with minimal additional ingredients required.

Form Factors include any chewable shape such as honey gummies or honey soft chews.

honibe® technology can be used to deliver any natural health product, OTC, API and other therapeutic ingredients into the body naturally.

Our research & development over the past 15 years has included testing a wide range of active compounds, flavourings and bioactive ingredients including but not limited to:

Immunology Support

Sports Nutrition



Weight Management


Heart Health

Eye Health

Joint Health